Minigarden Grow Up Pure Organic

The best organic and eco-friendly fertiliser in the market

Minigarden Grow Up Pure Organic

Usable in organic farming

Grow organic, healthy food and better environment

Minigarden Grow Up Pure Organic is an excellent soil amendment and a biocontrol agent which makes it the best organic and more eco-friendly fertiliser in the market as compared to synthetic fertilizers.

It increases the production of crops and prevents them from harmful pests without polluting the environment. And not only is it a super compost rich in nutrients but it’s also loaded with the microorganisms that create and maintain healthy soil.


Declared Parameters

• Total nitrogen N – 0.1%
• Total phosphorus P O – 0.03%
• Total potassium K O – 0.49%
• Organic matter – 1%
• Humic substances – 10g/l
• pH – 11-13

Areas of application

• Organic Farming.
• Vegetable gardens.
• Urban gardens.
• Greenhouses.
• Hydroponic systems.
• Lawns.
• Ornamental cultivations.
• Seeds germination.
• And also the Minigarden Systems:
Vertical, Kitchen Garden, OneCorner, Corner Column, Basic S Uno, Basic M Pots, Basic S Pots

How to use

• Use only diluted with water for watering in recommended dosage 5 CC/ml to 1 litre.
• 50 cc/ml to 10 litres.
• 25 cc/ml to 5 litres.
• 5 cc/ml to 1 litre.
• 1 litre makes 200 litres ready for use.
• Store in dark, cool place – keep in a breathable container where the castings won’t dry out. The active microbes will keep for up to two years.

Certified by CERES for use in organic farming

Pure and Concentrated Liquid Universal Plant Fertiliser

The complete nutrition for a better growth and yeld of all plants (vegetables, fruits, herbs, ornamental, etc.)



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