Minigarden Bug Off

Minigarden’s immunization supplements

Minigarden’s immunization supplements

Strengthening the immune system of plants is essential for ensuring their healthy and balanced growth.

To guarantee the vitality and protection of your plants, we have developed Minigarden Bug Off, a new solution to stimulate and strengthen the natural defences of plants against pests and diseases.

Minigarden Bug Off offers 2 solutions to protect plants, differentiated by the colours blue and red.

Minigarden Bug Off Blue

Immune vitality supplements containing organic manure, boosting plant resilience and strengthening them against adverse conditions.

Minigarden Bug Off Red

Immune protective supplement containing biological fertilizer, which improves the general growing conditions of the plant.

Ease of use

Minigarden Bug Off Blue and Red are available in individual doses of 3 ml and 7 ml, respectively, to be diluted in 1.25L of water.

Plants should be sprayed with both supplements regularly, every 8 days during the period of maximum growth and when the temperature and air humidity are high, preferably before any pests or diseases appear. Prevention is better than cure.

With Minigarden Grow Up and Bug Off you can choose the supplement most appropriate for each plant to grow healthily and naturally protected. The single doses of Minigarden Grow Up and Bug Off, afford comfort in handling and precision in application.

Minigarden Bug Off

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